How to Reduce Cost and Limit Liability with HR Solutions?

2019 Apr,15

HR solutions are the prerequisites that a company can have in the area of human resources regulating from one moment to another. However, making sure that you have the right people in the right place at the right time can become more than just a headache. This is where the figure of HR consulting services comes into play.


Today we will see the role of human resources consultancies and which are the most famous. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


What is an HR Consultancy for?


The role of HR consulting service is to help companies identify their needs in human resources to improve the success of the organization. In general, these efforts are divided into four key areas:


1.    Plan/human resources programs

To establish the general human resource plan of the organization (which could include developing or updating the human resources package of the company). The redefinition of the human resources program helps not only employees but also retention and future hiring. The human resources plan consists of goals, objectives and a strategic map to achieve those objectives and goals.


2.    Processes

To create the necessary protocol and documentation that must be followed as part of the implementation of human resources programs. This could include instructions to trace the interview process, the post-interview process, etc.


3.    Policies

Establishment of "rules" and documentation (from guidance to codes of conduct, confidentiality agreements, etc.).


4.    Practices

This may include aspects such as the development of job descriptions and the determination of the best ways to share job offers. It would also involve creating things like an Employee Handbook or the Performance Evaluation forms. In short, the real objective of the consultancy service is to help in the management of human resources and provide the necessary support by creating processes and policies designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication and employee morale.



HR Solutions for a Human Resources Area


The new models of human capital management allow solving the measurement of objectives to the career plans of the personnel. Previously, it was believed that the success of the companies depended only on those physical, financial and organizational resources. However, the new business models have required their managers to focus on a much more complete area and work entirely in Human Resources.


These new models of HR solutions have been successful for organizations. Managers have now begun a search for elements that facilitate tasks and improve organizational and productive results.


If the question is: How to provide better support in the area of HR? How to strengthen my HR department? At present, there are consultancies in charge of solutions for the administration of human resources, as well as payroll processes and even recruitment and personal development.


According to the HR consulting services experts, the contracting of these services can improve the mechanical operation of companies by up to 50%, while the productivity in human capital reports improvements of up to 40%. It depends on the purpose of having external tools that help empower human resources areas is to facilitate the processes that companies have always used.  For those who have not yet measured the importance of HR in the company, experts have been in charge of pointing out the tasks performed in this area.


•    Organizational change

•    Medicine and health of the collaborators.

•    Social service, recruitment of interns and professional practices.

•    Career plan for employees.

•    Corporate design.

•    Recruitment and development of human talent.

•    Incidents, salaries, and social obligations.

•    Statistics and records.

•    Discipline, control, and management of personnel.


This way, the HR management also covers tasks that may be developed in other areas: administrative, financial, managerial and organizational, which, according to the experts, are strengthened by going to an advisor.



HR consultants can provide companies with the following benefits:


•    Human Capital Solution: Companies are responsible for advising the life cycle of human capital with which companies count.

•    Evaluation and performance of the staff: At this point, the consultancies are in charge of evaluating the company's team to see if they have the profile that the company needs to achieve the organizational objectives of the company.


•    Training of the personnel: Also called as Learning Management System, allows that through courses, internal competencies and identification of plans. The profiles of the people are adapted to the needs of the company. It seeks to accelerate new skills or new knowledge that the organization demands.


•    Development plan or career plan: HR consultancy services are responsible for defining a career plan that matches the needs, interests, and abilities of the person. This needs to remain in the organization and developed in a method according to the company’s interests



The integral HR solutions of human capital are:


•    Employer branding: To improve the brand of your company as an employer.

•    Talent Attraction: seek and attract the best talent for your organization.

•    Head Hunting: Search for mid-level and executive talent.

•    Perfect Recruitment: Direct search of specialized profiles.

•    Selective Recruitment: Recruitment for specific positions or projects.


What are some of the benefits for your company?


The goal of HR consulting services is to provide effective HR solutions to your human capital so that your company obtains significant economic benefits.


•    Minimize the risk of hiring personnel that affects the assets of your company.

•    Reduction of economic losses due to theft.

•    Reduce the payment of constant terminations for resignations.

•    Reduce the number of permanent settlements for contract rescissions.

•    Reduce the number of dismissals.

•    Reduce the risk of labor lawsuits.

•    Reduce the risk of having to pay awards of high amounts of money for having lost some labor judgment.

•    Reduce the payment of labor compensation of 3 months of salary for constant dismissals.

•    Reduce the risk of having to spend large amounts of money to lawyers for legal defense against endless labor lawsuits.

•    Savings in publication costs of vacancies.

•    Savings in time, not having to interview many candidates not suited to their needs.

•    Reduce staff turnover.

•    Selection of suitable candidates for each position, which will increase your sales.

•    Improve the work climate of your company, which increases productivity.