Technology is changing the way we work, communicate and collaborate. Work now happens during, before and after our real working hours. This has made managing your talent the leading challenge of the enterprise. In an era where talent has already gone digital, Digital HR Transformation needs to be a transformative imperative for your organisation. At PeMaCo Ltd we are experienced in helping you define HR Digital Strategy as a technology-enabled way of working, while leveraging new age science to make HR transactions and decisions intuitive, informed and inspiring.


Real-time decision taking is a key business differentiator. By releasing your internal data and infusing it with external information sources, we will help you drive workforce and HR insights through accessible visualisation of key trends and discovery analytics.


With the introduction of mature RPA, and extended workflow automation, we will help you release resources and simplify efforts. With an explosion of new applications providers for every corner of the employee-employer engagement we will help you find and select the one that fits within your architecture and budget.


With a federated or centralised HR service, the engagement with HR’s stakeholders is more important than ever. We will help you improve your engagement model based on your EVP, and designed within a fitting Employer Brand. We will create effective communication channels to enforce your corporate values.


Designing a personalised user experience for candidates and employees, but also for line-managers and business leaders is potentially the most important success factor for a Digital HR plan. We will help design a responsive UX with a healthy mix of native apps versus hybrid and web-based user interface.