HR Support For Small Businesses- Ultimate Guide For Entrepreneurs

2019 Jun,30

Everyone dreams of having their own business. You could be thinking about setting up a restaurant, a construction business, a delivery service or a goods or services company. Whatever your dream, there are great benefits in running your own company. You will not have a boss to tell you what to do or when to do it; you can set your own schedules, your own goals and hire your own support staff. You also have more flexibility. The easy part of starting a small business is daydreaming about it. The most difficult part, although rewarding, is to turn your dream into a reality.


Plan your small business

The simple phrase "business plan" can stop you on your way. You've heard stories about people who spend years with a business plan. The result is a giant book filled with pages of spreadsheets, financial statements, vision statements and much more. But do not let that stop you. Today's business plans must be short and punctual.

You want to provide enough information for lenders or investors to know that you have a financial plan to pay them. And, most importantly, you must show that you have the technical knowledge to get your business off the ground. Just think of Apple. What would the company be today if Steve Jobs was caught that Apple was just a computer company and not mobile phones? Your small business will have a life of its own. Make sure you are open to every opportunity that comes up. The good news is that you can have your own small business by seeking assistance from HR Consulting firms for small business in order to manage everything like a pro!


Business processes of the HR department

You can often hear a banal phrase: the human resource is the main asset of the company. However, in practice, the processes that are in some way related to the management of human resources are the last to automate. First, they optimize and automate the key process of the company that makes up the value chain of the organization. Then they automate the processes of the accounting department, document management. With regard to personnel management, the work is done according to scenarios. Compliance with the requirements is ensured by the written regulations and the efforts of HR department employees.

However, nowadays, the trend is changed. The demand for improvement of HR processes via HR consulting for small firms has increased and continues to grow. The HR supporting staff will analyze the business processes, trying to explain which of them is worth automating within the budget and standards.


The need for automation

Being part of the general structure of the company, the processes of the HR department are considered as the support processes. In other words, they are the processes for the provision of the resources that are necessary for the strategic and key processes. In terms of automation, the improvement of different types of business processes pursues different purposes.

The management processes ensure the agility of the company, the sensitivity to changes in changing market conditions. The automation of key business processes allows you to reduce costs for each transaction, increase the speed and quality of execution, and most importantly, increase the profits of your company. If the key process is not oppressed, the price of error is very high - loss of customers, orders, benefit. For this reason, key processes are usually the first to automate.


Structure of HR processes

Speaking of HR for small processes, we are not referring to the creative part of the work of the personnel department. It is not possible to define such activities as business processes, such as the development of corporate culture, the resolution of conflicts. We will focus on repetitive, routine processes such as recruiting, hiring and firing workers, preparing the vacation program, arranging business trips, etc.



The recruitment process can be divided into several components: a selection of candidates, which starts with a staff request, search and candidate tests. Recruitment procedures include the registration of the approved candidate, the adaptation procedures and the training of a new employee. Of course, automation requires the ability to track the process in progress.

Personnel management and other support processes (maintenance, IT, etc.)

Here we generate the indirect costs of production. These processes do not require many resources and the price of error is not very large. Many managers find it futile to invest in the automation of these processes. Nothing farther from reality. The fact is that the support processes are numerous. As a result, a small decrease in productivity in each process can cause significant risks. An optimized and automated support process eliminates productivity losses, which increases the overall efficiency of the company.


KPI tools and EDM solutions;

•    Packaged applications, which cover the set of tasks related to personnel management;

•    HRM-ERP modules (serve to extend the capabilities of the ERP system that the company already uses);

•    Human resources management system - powerful and expensive solutions;

•    BPM systems for the automation of business processes, including HR department processes.


In general, the HR department of any company big or small solves three main tasks - recruitment, support and dismissal of employees.