The Future Of Digital HR – What’s Ahead In 2019?

2019 May,10

In this successive era of digitalization, where almost everything is digitized; one of the most prominent areas of the business “Human Resource” (HR) is no exception. In order to update the recruitment process of an organization, HR Managers are taking advantage of contemporary digital technologies to improve the career management process and much more.

Digital HR refers to the digital transformation of the company’s overall process of identifying, selecting, shortlisting, appointing and reappointing of potential candidates for a suitable job position. A few years back, the traditional hiring process involved hand-held activities. The older process used to be least active and thus it further lacked efficiency and speed.

Trends of Digital HR Technology That Are Happening Now

These days, in accordance with the latest survey conducted by Deloitte, it is noted that 56% of companies have reskilled HR process through the power of easy-to-use digital and mobile tools. The year of 2019 have so much to witness about the leading digital and HR technologies to deliver effective HR services. For example Wade and Wendy, the best ever personalized AI chatbot is providing value-added HR solutions where a candidate screens the company’s culture with the help of the insights inscribed on-site and then makes personal choice to get hired or not. This platform is equipped with machine learning scenarios that aim to make hiring more human every day.

Similarly, another report of Nielsen’s chip into the evolution of digital HR services.This report suggests that specific people who are blessed with smartphones enjoy their digital experience (internet) more than 2.5 hours daily. Even at workplaces, they like to unite with their family and friends in short to long breaks.

However, organizations that still access outdated HR practices are greatly missing out on the fruitful scope of digital technology. They encounter many difficulties such as low employee engagement levels, inactive progress that eventually leads to poor business performance. Contrary to this, some companies, rather than being hooked to this traditional approach; they are affiliated with HR digital solutions. To apprehend to the point of clarity, consider IBM- the world-class multinational information technology company, which promotes a culture of life-long learning through its platform.  It uses the most iconic digital education techniques to post useful content, manage development process etc. Not too long ago, they have created a career management system and have been outperforming in the main area of motivating employees to boost their career growth by analyzing the patterns of their colleagues.

Most importantly, they launched a chatbot named Cognitive Human Interface Personality which allows managing a stack of HR-related questions.

The train doesn’t stop here. It looks like we have numerous pending digital HR services to witness throughout 2019. As this approach has resulted in meeting candidate’s expectations, creating a flexible schedule, offering good salaries and turning on various opportunities of career advancement of employees; we now seek for all the wonders, the future of HR digital technology holds within.