Top 3 Digital HR Tech Trends in 2019

2019 May,20

Some trends do not fade and live forever. Especially with the HR emerging technology trends of 2019, there’s absolutely no going back in the past. These trends are so far so realistic and human accommodating that employees being a valuable entity of national and multinational firms, they rely on technology too much. It is often perceived that too much reliance on something promotes a negative impact but at the same point how one can go into the denial that digital HR tech trends are constructively taking over the historical method of HR?

You may not get this point straight unless you review here some of the top Digital HR trends in 2019.

1.    Future-proofing HR Strategy

For organizations, it’s now a necessity to shake hand with the expedient future-proofing HR strategy. As they need to prepare their company for the future, this HR function makes them do so in a reasonable time. Although it’s pretty challenging to perceive the challenges that are likely to occur in the near future but while enabling the future- proofing HR strategy, the company procedures remain into contact with the futuristic approach by the potency of AI. It is presumed that 85% of the jobs people will be employed to, don’t even exist right now. After all, AI influences our life dramatically. 

For instance, A 2017 McKinsey report named “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained” states that approximately 30% of jobs could be automated by 2030 which also gives rise to the possibility that 375 million workers could be trapped into the emerging technologies.

2. Gen Z

Gen Z, also known by Generation Z is an internet-common approach of young age (precisely those born between 1995 and 2010,) - has created a wonderful impact in the global workforce since it emerged. Gen Z strategy is mainly observed in internship and entry-level job positions. As this generation is growing up fast, organizations will now consider Digital Natives (people who grow up in the digital age) to employ them in their workforce by implementing the following strategies.

1.    Mobile- The present generation is extremely addicted to mobile technology so when it comes to the recruitment process, the organizations need to ensure the online employ learning system with a satisfying experience at fingertips. 

2.    Video- Generation Z learns swiftly through YouTube videos more than any another guide when they face a problem. Therefore, the latest digital HR trend is incorporating videos in their recruiting applications which is also one of the best ways to keep their user engaged.

3.    Coaching- it’s the remarkably effective approach for organizations that focuses on building user-engagement metrics. Using the internet to build candidate skills helps organizations prosper in the field of career development and career success standards.



3. AI Revolution

More than our family and friends, we interact the most with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a daily basis. AI benefits are everywhere observed in businesses to increase efficiency and improving customer experience. On the same note, AI technologies have significantly impacted traditional HR functions and consequently, HR tech applications are evolving rapidly than ever. It works amazingly from recruiting and talent acquisition to candidate selection to maximize their performance in the future.

There are many other features which affirm that AI is revolutionizing the human resource functions without human intervention, making life easier.

These three Digital HR Trends are sufficient to sum up the effect of breakthrough technologies of 2019. To gain complete insights into all the top HR tech trends, stay with us and amplify your learning.