What is Digital HR?

2019 May,30

Digital HR practices, in simple words, is a modern way of redefining the significant use of Human resource management department. It’s a nuanced difference in pronouncing the two terms (HR practices and Digital HR practices) but if we dive deep, the two practices differ extensively from each other. In contrast to old-fashioned HR practices, digital HR is the way forward technology for an organization that enhances the workflow of employment in order to keep up with the employment standards.

This practice is abundant of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies that all play an active role in making the HR process steady and proficient. It has both the different approach and execution which collectively works for an organization progress. Not to mention that this widely-adaptive practice by certain organizations is meant to improve both employees and organizational growth.

How Digital HR Is Better Than Primitive Human Resource Management?

The digital HR practice has procured better popularity over time. It is because it has made each and every HR operation stress-free in the complex business environment. By transforming the core HR function from paperwork to software-oriented infrastructure, HR objectives are now achieved quickly and decisively. Its essential goals include:

  1. Refining the employment process and
  2. Employee turnover

This is why the majority of organizations are switching to digital HR practices to conduct core HR functions in a benefiting way. And the benefits that come after your business and are utilized systematically in the future. Other than this, the newly-driven HR tech trends allow an organization to extract best employees to strengthen their business landscape and moreover, it narrow down the skill gaps of candidates willing to apply for the job titles of the same organization.

Welcome To The Digital Disruption of HR

Digital HR disruption caters to disruptive technologies and opportunities which, in turn, change the entire direction of how basic HR works. In addition to the long-driven need of a happier and better workforce, take an example of cloud-first startups that are consecutively disrupting old business practices to transform into a fully-modern business model. In this case, enterprise software vendors have worked really hard to make this happen. They have been supporting and generating more and more cloud-friendly offerings not only in ERP but also in cloud-based human capital management (HCM) as well as in talent management software.

Other important factors which drive substantial digital disruption are detected in the growing yet most fascinating practice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and lightweight collaboration, analytics, along with several other factors to resolve HR problems imminently.

How Digital HR works

Digital HR, an integrated IT solution for many HR professionals exercise the cloud-first, mobile-first, data-driven, collaborative and last but not the least the periodic approach to HR services to primarily execute business strategies to ultimately enhance employee experience. To put all of this into real-time interface, the digital HR systems exploit cloud HCM and talent management systems that demonstrate the effective HR operations.

Everything from measuring employee performance to employee life cycle to optimizing recruitment to the lifelong career development plan, digital HR practices creates business value from the embedded data and analytics strategy.